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I am Bénédicte, passionate about aromatherapy for more than 20 years, entrepreneur, mother of 2 wonderful girls, health coach and business leader.

I found my balance transmitting my passion, traveling, love and freedom.

I assist those who want to make a major change in their lives with essential oils, thanks to my expertise and experience.

The essential life

We live in a world increasingly far from nature, our deep nature, our intuition and our ability to take care of ourselves. The active ingredients of essential oils bring us their solutions and energy since the first civilizations. All of our lifestyle can be fueled by a natural health that our soul and our body claim every day. They are like therapists, each one with their specialties and their temperaments.

Long kept as secrets, I am finally ready to reveal them in all their quintessence.

If you are like me, in continuous quest for meaning, curious, researcher, click on the button below


Financial freedom

When dōTERRA came to me 5 years ago, I knew nothing about the network marketing and I admit that I was suspicious about it. However, after studying and understanding that my financial and time freedom would be the keys to a rich, balanced and limitless life, I invested myself fully in this activity and don’t regret it for a second.

With my experience and success, I want to guide you and pass on my knowledge on this particular business model. Tempted by the adventure?