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170h Praticienne en Aromathérapie avec Alain Challandes  - Martigny

150h Anatomie,physiologie, pathologie avec Virginie Raisin

80h Reiki (I,II,III)avec Sonia Biaggi - Genève 

Massage en Lemniscate aux huiles essentielles


Réinformation Neurovégétative avec les huiles essentielles

Aromathérapie et Chakras 

Ma relation aux autres

Méditation olfactive 

Coaching en Leadership Network Marketing

Aromatouch Instructrice pour dōTERRA

Blue diamond Francophone with dōTERRA

Self-taught in the soul and in the facts, my journey can only be read through an immense thirst for learning, of oneself and of others. In transmitting, advising and sharing knowledge and experiences.

After 8 years spent in the world of banking and international trading, I could have seen in my function as a bank employee for oil companies the culmination of a career, carried out at the same time between Europe and the USA, private and professional life. Nevertheless, this value system was far from resonating with mine, with my search for meaning, to find its place.

The exercise of maternity contributes to my finding it, by creating a second-hand shop, which will become a real job-creating platform. "The syndrome of the businesswoman operating from home" possessed me, so much so that "this little adventure" lasted 14 years, instead of the 6 months initially planned.


"When the teacher arrives, it means the student is ready."

My fascination for the human body led me to follow a two-year training course in aromatherapy in Wallis-Switzerland, in Reiki, then in "traditional medicine", courses which are now recognized by the ASCA*. Actress of my own transformation, I am in perpetual training and nourish my soul, my knowledge (quantum medicine, biological decoding) and my practice (Aromatherapy, travel and olfactory meditation).

Aware of the healing powers of the human body, I have become an expert in essential oils, their properties and their proper uses. Convinced that illness is already healing, it is a question of determining the cause of the conflict and restoring one's ability to heal oneself. I am in guidance, that which helps others to guide themselves. In my role as a coach, I am in empowering and taking autonomy from each and everyone.

Benedicte Graf-Poupaux

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