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Intuitive Aromatherapy TRAINING

21j- A-Lign

This training is for you if ...

  • You feel "things" but you do not dare to trust your intuition

  • You want to initiate yourself to meditation with essential oils in a simple and clear way  

  • You want to trust yourself and have tools to validate your feelings

  • You want to know more about chakra, vibratory and psycho-emotional aromatherapy 

  • Learn to heal naturally with essential oils and energy


Carl Jung

We will explore together the following themes

  • Module 1: Introduction to Intuitive Aromatherapy - Olfactive Meditation

  • Module 2: Introduction to Emotional Perfume - Using a Pendulum

  • Module 3: Initiation to the balancing of the chakras - Anchoring 1st chakra

  • Module 4: Initiation to Spiritual and Sacred Connection - Olfactive Meditation

  • Module 5: Introduction to Quantum and Vibrating Aromatherapy - Olfactive Meditation

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With this training, you get


  • A training certificate in Intuitive Aromatherapy

  • Course materials for each module

  • Theoretical and practical learning

  • A method to easily transmit olfactive meditations

  • A unique and personal approach to reconnection with your intuition

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Dear Benedicte, I would like to say big thank you for encouraging, for your nice presence and sharing your experience and knowledge!

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Thank you for an inspiring lecture! I've never studied aromatherapy before meeting doterra and it took me an year to gather confidence what oil to use. While remembering written in the books, I practised a connection with every new oil similar to the meditation you taught us last evening. I was not sure if it is the right way. But now I know it is! Such a pleasure to be my first aromatherapy teacher ❤ 

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Thank you very much for this enriching training. I just watched the 5th module at the end and I am amazed by the energetic power of essential oils 🙏🍀🌸💓

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