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Essential oils

The essential oils revolution

Who would have believed that?

In a decade, the benefits of essential oils were recognized in all media. dōTERRA appeared 10 years ago and today has 7.5 million users on the planet. Their mission and innovation is that all families and individuals have a set of bottles, knowing how to use them to empower themselves. To take care of each other in a simple, effective, ecological and economical way.

I teach you step by step how to appropriate, understand, feel and use them to enter in a healthier lifestyle, for you and your loved ones.

The revolution of consciousness is in progress and using essential oils is part of this current and global change.

What’s an essential oil?

A fragrant liquid containing natural active chemical principles, extracted from various parts of plants through hot distillation, cold expression, enfleurage, co2.

Why dōTERRA?

I have used many brands of essential oils for over 20 years and I chose dōTERRA because of the easy traceability and the great number of purity tests they undergo before they can be consumed. It is a science and research society with experienced scientists and doctors. They bring meticulous and obsessive care to find the best essential oils on Earth. They take care of farmers and their families by providing them schools, water wells, hospital care and a salary at the end of the month. These ideal conditions are a consequence that give a high vibratory positive value to their essential oils, produced with ancestral expertise, kindness and love.

To try them is to adopt them because it is our whole being who feels it.

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How to use an essential oil ?


The olfactory way, directly from the bottle, in a water diffuser, on a handkerchief, in a pillow atomizer.

It is the preferred way to act on our nervous, emotional and respiratory system.

Excellent for meditation.



The topical way, applied to the skin mixed with a fatty substance such as vegetable oils, for massages or baths.



The intern way, preferably in a vegetal capsule to preserve the mucous membranes, in mouthwash or lapping on the back of the hand

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