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« A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you. »

Bob Proctor

Why I decided to work with dōTERRA

In 2015, while my therapist's office was going well, I had a family crisis that burned me down and I didn’t feel well enough aligned to continue practicing energy care. dōTERRA appeared in my life at that time and saved me!

I was then able to combine all my skills, professional and personal experiences: my aromatherapy passion, my banking and financial background, my experience as an entrepreneur and obviously my on the job mom training.

Thanks to the many trainings in leadership, coaching, creation of support program and educational conferences, workshops, I have had for now 4 years, I master the art of motivation, strategy, marketing, the "positive attitude" and a life well balanced.

Today, having accompanied many people on the path of network marketing and entrepreneurship, I put my skills and passion at your service.


Each dream starts with a dreamer

David Stirling, dōTERRA CEO

Dream higher

More time, money and do what you love … is that realistic to you?

This is what the marketing network offers us, if we consider it a real job and not a hobby.

It takes a lot of time investment, training and early personal development that can be scary.

Let me guide you with authenticity and transparency through my experience and successes.

I will help you to place a strategy to save you TIME, achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM and especially reach a true QUALITY OF LIFE through mentoring.

Not sure if your are made for becoming a
dōTERRA wellness advocate?

Read about the success stories of our team!



Bénédicte guides you, advises you, supports you in all areas of your life and therefore you feel understood and enlightened.

It will make you avoid barbed fences, quicksands, dangerous roads and guide you to the most beautiful shortcuts so you're on the right track.

Nathalie Milhem.jpg


Newly arrived in this wonderful dōterrienne team, Bénédicte took me under her wing, like a mother, to teach me to fly and make me aware of the traps. Under her great frame, you will find an enormous heart, a benevolence and a touching sensitivity, reassuring and comforting. With her I laughed a lot, I cried sometimes too, I touched the stars …



When I started this new activity, I had all the knowledge of network marketing but none on essential oils, their benefits and how to share them around me. Bénédicte has always been there to show me how to remove the barriers, internal and external, which stood in front of me. She immediately shared her experience and, more than a coach, she was the shoulder on which I trusted during important decisions that I had to take.

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