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"Dare to shine in your life!"

Because you are worth it good, we offer you....

Connect to your life mission

Find and do advance your personal leadership

Gain  in confidence as a woman and a leader

Clarify your goals and learn how to achieve them 

Express your ideas and opinions effectively and be heard

Be an authentic and feminine woman in all areas of life



Module 1- Saturday 28 September 2019 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • You will create a summary of your life, including where you are now, what brought you here, and what you want to accomplish in the future

  • You will clarify your dreams and goals and develop a plan to achieve them

  • You will discover which strategies you use the most in your life and whether they work for you or against you

  • You will also learn the personal limits

  • You will recognize if you tend to make yourself the victim and, if so, how to change your mindset to feel like the author of your life.

  •   You will realize the impact of your choices on your life and how you can choose to live with strength, confidence and the power to get what you want without guilt

Location: Herstreet - 6 rue Pierres-du-Niton - 1207 Geneva - Switzerland

Module 2 - Saturday 12 Octobre 2019 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

  Today is the female awakening.

  •   You will dive deep into your feminine energy

  •   You will connect to the most beautiful parts of yourself

  •   You will release your creativity, strength and energy of attraction

  •   You will feel like the goddess  that you really are, perhaps for the first time in your life!


In partnership with Bénédicte Graf, Aromatherapist to support you with essential oils

Location: Herstreet - 6 rue Pierres-du-Niton - 1207 Geneva - Switzerland


Draw your life like a work of art!












The core of this training is to achieve clarity so you can discover exactly what you want, what is holding you back, and what needs to be done to move forward!



We'll dive deep into your values through a series of creative exercises and find out what's important to YOU. We will use them as a basis for your development!



Instead of feeding old patterns of doubt, anxiety, and worry, you'll learn to trust yourself and feel completely sure of yourself every step of the way. You will live with confidence knowing that you are living in harmony with your values, your passion and your purpose!



Together we will fight negative thoughts so you can put aside guilt, worry and anxiety. 

7.Connection to your femininity

You will explore your femininity and connect with your inner queen more than you ever have before

5. Authenticity


Are you living in a way that matches who you are every day? I want to help you discover a life that leads to actions and decisions that fully support who you are, what you want and what you need.

8.Clear action plan

We will work together to create a clear action plan that defines how to achieve your goals through continuous self-improvement

6. Joy


It's time to feel uplifted in your life, fill yourself with positive energy, and achieve deep contentment. With this feeling of joy radiating from within you, you will immediately become attractive to others. 

9.Your true mission

Whether you want to start your own business, create a project, spearhead a cause, or simply live with more creativity, you will focus on what will fulfill you and give you financial freedom.

Your Coach



My name is Victoria, I am a certified life coach  with a master's degree in psychology. I created this intensive 3-day training for women who know deep down that they are capable of doing great things and who want to become the best versions of themselves, but feel that they are not living up to their full potential. These 3 days are the perfect opportunity to start living without regret, with enthusiasm and courage.

Your Aromatherapistyou

I chose to work and associate myself with Victoria's expertise in order to combine professional coaching techniques and the support of essential oils.

I will help you to compose a mixture specific to you and according to your personality during the 3rd day of training.

The combination of our 2 areas of expertise seemed obvious to me!

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